Helpful Terms and Definitions

Spinning/rotating black hole: 
These are the black holes that form when a star over 25 times as massive as our Sun dies. These high mass stars expand into supergiants after they use up all their fuel, explode in a spectacular supernova, then shrink and collapse in on them selves due to the immense gravity until they eventually become a black hole.

Primordial black hole:
These are hypothetical black holes which were created when the Big Bang happened.The great pressure and temperature could have caused these to form. Matter that enters a primordial black hole is crushed to a point.
Supermassive black hole:
As the name suggests, these are the giants of black holes. Instead of being the destructive objects we think they are, they may have helped form the galaxies. There is proof that there is a black hole in the center in most, if not all, galaxies - including ours. At the center of the Milky Way, scientists have observed several stars orbiting a dark body, now named Sagittarius A. It is a very likely candidate for a super massive black hole. They believe that it is currently inactive because it has already consumed everything close to it.
Sagittarius A*
Credit: NASA/CXC/MIT/F.K.Baganoff et al.

Event horizon:
The name given to the theoretical horizon around a black hole, where once passed, nothing can return.

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